Feel Putter Grips


The Pro Release™ reverse taper design is thinner at the top with a gradual thickening for the bottom hand. This creates a more natural feel in your hands – similar to the tapered handle of a baseball bat – which allows you to easily grip (not hold) the club with your fingertips – just like the Pros.

These new game improvement grips allow golfers to fully release the club and generate maximum clubhead speed through impact. Immediately increase your distance and reduce your hook or slice with Feel’s Pro-Release golf grips.
Feel Grips are USGA and R&A Conforming and fit standard golf shafts.
Features and benefits include:
 • Immediate increase in distance, control and accuracy
 • Smaller diameter in the top hand allows the grip to fit in your fingers, not your palm
 • Shaft end of the grip is thinner allowing for custom wrapping to match each individual’s unique grip preference.
What Improvements Can You Expect?
Top PGA Product of the Year
 • The grip has won many awards, including “Top PGA Product of the Year” because immediately you are able to increase your distance and reduce wayward ball flight!
 • The well respected PGATour Partners had 130 golfers from all skill levels test this grip, and an amazing 83% saw an immediate increase in distance and control.
 • “The greatest change to golf in the last 100 years” by Publinks magazine golf technical & equipment editor.
Pro-Release grips translate into a powerful release at impact, increasing distance, and reducing wayward ball flight.
“SBST Pistol Putter Grips” Feel has taken ergonomics to the next level. Our years of design, testing and engineering takes this new SBST (Straight Back Straight Through) Pistol Putter Grip straight to the top.

“Reduces wrist breakdown at impact, the #1 cause of missed putts.”
Utilizing the decade of knowledge we currently have with the Pro Release grip line, we have have exceeded our expectations with this design. The reverse taper design takes the grip from the palm into your fingers for the proper feel and control. The larger diameter at the bottom allows you full control with your dominant hand, which increases control and accuracy.
The new proprietary elastomer technology makes this grip extremely tacky with zero loss in feel even in humid and wet conditions.

Train Your Aim

Train Your Aim!

The putting aid that will

transform your game.




During a round of golf the putter is probably the most used club in the bag and often the least amount of time is given to practising putting.  We all want to hit the ball as far as we can and a new driver is always exciting.  But think….if you were able to make more putts, your score will improve and your handicap lowered.  How aggravating is it to miss a short putt?  How many times does that follow you to the next tee and a poor drive ensues, and then another bad shot and on and on and on?   Sink more putts and play better throughout the round.  TRAIN YOUR AIM will make a difference.

This is how Train Your Aim improves Your game!

  • Aligns putter face to target line
  • Places golfers eyes over the ball
  • Golfer will see if they are pushing or pulling the putts
  • Immediate visual feedback as to where the putter is facing at impact
  • Smooth stroke
  • Prevents deceleration through the putting stroke
  • Player will improve lie of putter with both toe flat to the putting surface
  • Easy to attach to the putter.
  • For right and left handers.
  • Fits in your bag and pocket!
  • Lightweight and adjustable.
  • Ready to use straight out of the package with immediate results
  • Produces repeatable stroke, time after time!
  • Simple, sleek and shot saving device!

Great for golfers of all ages and skills who want to improve their game – Train Your Aim.

Tupper Golf

tupper product bluetupper product blacktupper product red-blacktupper product red-silver



rip Forward Technology ™

  • unique shape & tapered design calms the hands
  • minimizes tension required to hold the grip
  • great feel and tackiness
  • fits standard shaft size:  .58″ and .60″
  • standard installation with grip tape & solvent
  • lightweight (70g  +/- 3g)
  • Approved:  conforms with USGA Rules

Golf Club Alert

Never Leave a Club behind again!!

Have you ever taken 2 or more golf clubs from your bag …

…maybe to the green…or maybe from a buggy to the fairway…

…..and then how often does one get left behind?



When you purchase ClubAlert, you get a Transmitter and access to a free smartphone APP. Each Transmitter protects a single golf club, and up to 14 can be monitored by the APP separately.

After unpacking the transmitter, and removing a battery protector, you use the APP to ‘pair’ to it. This ensures that only YOU get alerts for YOUR clubs, and not those of others.
After the learning process, each transmitter is pushed into the end of the golf club to be protected.

…each transmitter will fit snugly inside the club and will not affect your grip or swing…
Clubs should be carried as usual, (in a bag), and the phone kept in your bag, in your pocket, or clipped to your belt whilst playing. Switch the call ringer OFF on your ‘phone, but start the APP.
When a club is removed from the bag, the APP senses it, and monitors it’s distance.

If the club goes more than 35 – 40 metres away from the ‘phone, the APP will ‘realise’, wait for a few seconds, and then Vibrate or Sound – Alerting you!

When you get back in range the APP will ‘know’, and stop any alarm.

When the club is put back in the bag, it will tell the APP it is about to go into ‘sleep mode’, and then switch off.

If two or more protected clubs are taken from the bag, they will be monitored independently, and if any one of them is left behind, the Alert will occur.

Pitch Fix




PFX-XL 2014


The Classic is made from aircraft aluminum and therefore very light weight. The Classic is available in six different colors. It comes with a personalized removable ball marker with your company or events logo.

Light Weight.
Switchblade function.
Removable Marker.
Available in 6 Colors.


The Twister tool is bold and beautiful. You have 8 color combinations to choose from, so it can match almost any logo, which will be displayed beautifully on the removable ball marker.

The gun metal colored body and trims combined with colored and rubberized top parts complete another stylish Pitchfix product.

Available in 8 Color combinations.
Black metal pins.
Rubberized top parts.
ABS rubberized body Gun.
Removable Ball Marker.

The Alignmee is bold and beautiful. You have 6 color combinations to choose from, so it can match almost any logo.

It’s also comfortable to hold and use.

Carbine Hook ball aligner.
Available in 6 Color combinations.
Lid brandable with your logo.
Integrated permanent marker.
Soft Touch.
Metal hinge.

Laser Putt

The most accurate putting aid in golf today!

What makes Laser Putt™  different from other putting aids?

Only Laser Putt offers two lasers and these three laser systems.


GREEN Laser Alignment System

The GREEN laser  alignment system shows you the precise line, shape, and balance of your putting stroke, so you can practice with pinpoint accuracy.

RED Laser Calibration System

The RED laser helps you gather personal data on the relationship between your backstroke and your putt distance. Use this data to develop “laser-perfect” feel for distance, pace, and speed.

Laser Visualization System

Visualization gives you powerful images of perfect putting strokes that you can store in your mind and later recall when facing a similar putt on the green.

Say “Goodbye!” to the yips ;and “Hello!” to Laser-it-in-the-Hole confidence!

Parsons Xtreme Golf




We started with a unique design. With the help of a world-renowned metals expert and utilizing an extremely complex manufacturing process, we integrated the most exotic, high-performance alloys. Then, we refined our design again and again with an intense focus on maximizing performance and feel.

Sound expensive? You bet. Worth it? Absolutely.

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The difference is noticeable.

Designed by golfers, engineers and dreamers with an unrelenting commitment to create the absolute finest golf equipment in the world. They feel better, out-perform other clubs, and inspire confidence with their sleek eye-catching design.

For the select few who have the means and the desire to play golf with the very best, PXG clubs will soon be available.

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Putter Buddy



    putter bud

 Putter Buddy (black) with Microfiber Golf TowelPutter Buddy (blue) with Microfiber Golf Towel 


Starting at: $19.65

   Our mission is to provide a product that is useful and obtainable to all levels of golfers at an inexpensive price. Our vision is that PutterBuddy™ eliminates the little stumbling blocks that take your focus off the game.PutterBuddy™ is an easy on the pocket, durable product that is simple to use. It looks and feels different than any other holder and dresses up your golf bag.The design of the PutterBuddy™ has no attachments that have the ability to break off making it durable and long lasting. PutterBuddy™ has a protective sleave on the handle to prevent friction that may cause scratches or marks on the grips and shafts of your clubs. PutterBuddy™ is sleek and slim and fits into your golf bag taking little space. It has a sturdy loop to attach a towel so that you can eliminate the need to clip and unclip the towel from the golf bag.  Our hopes are that PutterBuddy™ brings the enjoyment and focus of the game back together as it did for us. We have aspirations that you, our cherished customers, find value in the PutterBuddy™ and share the love with others.

Palmbird Putter Grips




 Starting at: $19.95

    While cutting back the “Bird” of Paradise after a hard winter freeze, Phil took note of the oblong shape of the stalk and how it felt in his “Palm”.   His wife Diane remembers the “ah ha moment” as if it were yesterday. “I looked out back and saw him with the Bird of Paradise stalk in his hands, practicing his putting motion like he was on a putting green.  It didn’t take long before he yelled out for me to come outside and check it out.  He enthusiastically told me how incredible the Bird of Paradise stalk felt in his palms and how fluid his putting stroke was because of it.”  This is how the grip eventually got it’s name.

One of the key elements of the PalmBird design, is that it eliminates the flat-surface found on the front of most putter grips today and replaced it with a contour that fits naturally into the groove of your palms.  With the grip pressure in your palms and not your fingers and thumbs, the PalmBird allows you to more effectively initiate the putting stroke from the shoulder, giving you the feel that the club is an extension of your arm.  This allows for a fluid backstroke and an effortless, relaxed follow-through due to decreased finger, hand, wrist and arm tension.  The result is an improved putting stroke, with greater putting accuracy.

The simplicity of the PalmBird’s functional design and unembellished style is a refreshing change.  Don’t be fooled by it’s “look” because you’ll be blown away by it’s “feel” when you PLANT ONE IN YOUR HANDS!   The PalmBird is a putter grip designed for golfers of all levels ; from scramble-only golfers, to the week-end warriors, seasoned players, and elite professionals.

The PalmBird Putter Grip is for EVERYONE!

Plant One In Your Hands Today And Feel The Difference.

Mantis Golf

Mantis Golf:

Starting at $159.99


the story

we all agree that to make more putts, it’s critical to keep your eye on the ball, yet the elaborate shapes, reflective metal or white finishes of most putters encourage the opposite.

Mantis makes the ball the hero – simple as that. The patented design has been proven to show that when putting with the Mantis, your eyes stay on the ball, not the club.

the problem

we all agree you have to watch the ball, but most putters steal the spotlight. They often have elaborate shapes, bold design elements or stark white finishes. All of these fight the ball for attention. The putter is part of the show, but the ball is the hero.

Too Dark
Too Light
Too Shiny
Just right

the solution

The design elements of the Mantis putter combine to instill confidence, facilitating a golfer’s ability to watch the ball, not the putter – leading to greater focus, concentration and putting results. The organic design of the Mantis eliminates distracting severe geometry, and the putter’s muted green turf-like color allows its exterior to blend with the putting surface. The high MOI (moment of inertia) of the Mantis means it will twist less on a mis-hit, thus minimizing the effects of a mis-hit as the ball tracks toward the hole. The face-balanced design provides a quality of solid balance, and the soft polymer face and optimized head weight feel perfect.