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About: Mark Sweeney

Mark Sweeney is the founder and developer of AimPoint Golf and inventor or the AimPoint Virtual Putting Line and the AimPoint Green-Reading Method. He has taught over 100 tour players including 3 World #1 ranked players, as well as thousands of amateurs and teaching professionals in over 40 countries.

Mr. Sweeney was named one of the Best Teachers in Florida by Golf Digest recently and was nominated for the 50 Best Teachers in America.

He also won an Emmy in 2008 for the George Wensel Technical Achievement Award for his AimPoint Virtual Putting Line which was shown on Golf Channel from 2007 until 2012.

Mr. Sweeney has limited availability for private lessons at the Waldorf Astoria Golf Club in Orlando, Florida, his rates are as follows:

$500 per hour for adults

$250 per hour for juniors

For more information email



Use youre feet to estimate the amount of slope in your putt.



Use your arm and fingers to determine where to aim.



Hit the putt the correct speed and start it at your AimPoint. Then all you have to do is watch it go in.


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The ChipSolid Story

The ChipSolid PackageThe ChipSolid™ training tool and Chipping System, developed over years of short- game study by professional golfer and trainer, Tony Polus Sr, creates a new and simple way of making the successful “up and down” the norm for golfers of all skill levels.

The ChipSolid™ Chipping System is based on solid fundamentals of chipping and pitching.  The system is as easy as 1-2-3.  The ChipSolid™ patent pending system teaches three-basic ball positions and body alignment for chipping.  The ChipSolid™ training aid, included with the system, provides positive feedback during practice, which teaches the hands to stay ahead of the club head through impact.  Casting or flipping will result in the tool touching the golfer.  “I have used this system for years, however, we now have a tool that provides instructional feedback to the golfer, something that words just can’t do”, says Tony Polus Sr, creator and COO of GolfSolid™, LLC.   The ChipSolid™ training aid can attach to any club grip, junior though oversize, with a simple application.

How it Works:

How to Use

PSP Golf

Official Store of The Little One Training Club by PSP Golf – buy direct and save

Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

‘The Little One’ is the Ultimate Golf Training Aid.

‘The Little One’ by PSP golf makes you a better ball striker. Maybe even a great ball striker. The concept is simple. Practice and warm-up with ‘The Little One’ who’s club face is 40% smaller than a typical iron. Your mind becomes laser-focused. Concentration is magnified and your muscles adjust and adapt to the smaller club face. When you go back to using a standard-size club, you feel like you can’t miss. When it’s time to start your round, pure ball striking comes easier.

Practice with PSP Golf’s ‘The Little One’ training club on a consistent basis, and you will add distance, increase your accuracy and lower your scores. We’re so confident you will be pleased with the results, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Don’t wait! Order today and you will become a better ball striker!

7 Iron Left HandPW Right Hand7 Iron Right Hand

Swing Click Golf


The SWINGCLICK is the Hottest NEW device in golf!

You don’t have to have the perfect swing to have the perfect result. But, you do need good tempo, good rhythm and good timing. The SWINGCLICK offers you a real opportunity to change your game, by helping you to have just that!
Swingclick Golf accessory
The SWINGCLICK is a device which is strapped to the golfers forearm. It’s small enough to carry in your golf bag, so EVERYONE can have one.

The device makes a clicking sound as soon as the forearm is in the correct position at the top of the backswing, at impact and finish. By practicing with a SWINGCLICK, you can train your brain to wait for the click at the top of your backswing. The process trains you to be in the same position at the top of your backswing every time, resulting in you hitting the ball consistently to the same place. It also trains you to slow down your swing, thereby allowing the club more time to generate club head speed, resulting in the ball going further and your shot being more accurate.

Instead of hitting the ball with all your strength, you learn to SWING the club. When you make a smooth downward swing, you will hear the second ‘click’ at impact, thereby allowing you to square the club face up with the right swing tempo. The third ‘click’ is heard when you are in a finish position, thereby allowing you to consistently finish your swing in a balanced position.



LeviTee Golf Glove

About Us

  • LeviTee Golf Gloves is a company created by passionate golfers who, through hard work and countless refining, created a ground-breaking golf glove that reduces your grip pressure by up to 30% and at the same time alleviates tension and fatigue in your hands and arms.The LeviTee Golf Glove was developed and created to fill a void in the game that so many golfers suffer from. The Death Grip. The soft foam pads between the fingers of the LeviTee Golf Glove creates Finger Separation. (Finger Separation Technology). What this does is it increases the circumference of the grip. For those who suffer from hand ailments, this will aid in preventing hand pain while gripping the club. A looser grip also promotes quicker club head speed and results have included more distance and accuracy. Our patented FST technology in the LeviTee Golf Glove is the reason why our loyal users consider us the Best Golf Glove for people suffering from arthritis.Users of the LeviTee Golf Glove all agree and our toughest critics now understand how the glove works and helps golfers of all levels reduce their grip pressure. LeviTee is going strong thanks to the thousands of golfers who gave our unique glove a chance and we are very grateful.

    We love feedback and read every email we get so please let us know what you think by emailing Thank You for making the LeviTee Golf Glove one of the Best Golf Gloves on the market.

Ladies Left Hand Medium Large (Right Handed Golfer)


  • Grip force measurements conducted with our Hand Dynamometers show up to a 30% reduction in grip pressure.
  • Tension starts in the hands and the tightness creeps into all the other muscles, inhibiting any real dynamic swing. The LeviTee Glove helps eliminate the tightness by providing the player with a relaxed hand.
  • The LeviTee Glove helps to avoid the “death grip”. This allows the golfer to achieve proper grip pressure and results have included faster swing speeds and longer, straighter ball flights.
  • The LeviTee Glove combines tour quality cabretta leather with a durable synthetic material to give you a glove that feels good and is as comfortable, if not more comfortable than traditional golf gloves.

Red Arrow Markers



Red Arrow Markers has changed the way we use ball markers.  Its not only a ball marker, it is a ball alignment and slope bar tool in one. 

      Many top tour players and weekend golfers use a line on a golf ball when putting to help align their ball to the hole. However, this can be difficult at times and can lead to an inaccurate alignment.  Red Arrow Markers has solved this problem with it’s Patented #D662165 ball alignment arrow and horizontal slope bar.

       With the ball in place, simply point the red arrow towards the ball path creating a visual line of reference. Then view the horizontal slope bar to help calculate “breaking” angles. Make final adjustments by rotating the ball line with the Red Arrow. You are now accurately aligned  and ready to sink your putt! Red Arrow Markers conforms to the rules of the USGA and can be used in tournament and recreational play.

Red Arrow Markers are a quality golf accessory for your Pro Shop and an excellent tournament gift with logo on the front and promotional information on the back.  Golfers love them as a golfing aid and memento and will use them all year long!

The Ultimate Swing Trainer

us ust

Starting at: $99.99

Here is what The Ultimate Swing Trainer® Program will do.
1. Teach you “The Secret” to distance.

2. Increase speed in your golf swing.

3. Always keep you on swing plane.

4. Teach you proper wrist hinge, lag and release.

5. Provide muscle memory in your swing.

6. Reduce your power loss.

7. Increase your flexibility and the length of your golf swing.

8. Help you learn the proper positions of the golf swing from anywhere.

9. Increase your strength in the muscles specific to golf.

10. Eliminate your “over the top” and “reverse weight shift” problems.

11. Increase your endurance to play longer on the golf course.

12. Helps make your swing more automatic.

13. Increase your confidence to play better golf.

Learn all of those and more, PLUS with our Step by Step Training Guide you can play the best golf of your life and rip it past your partners! We have the Solution!

Other Benefits

* No longer be the first guy hitting into a par 4. Finally, reach the par 5 in two!
* Hit your shots farther than ever before!
* It is completely portable. Take it with you on vacation, to the course or practically anywhere.
* You create an automatic repeatable golf swing!
* Use it before and after rounds to increase your flexibility.
* Become straighter with perfect positions of the swing.
* Become the big bomber off the tee in your group!
* Gain endless power!

No matter what your skill level is at golf,
The Ultimate Swing Trainer® will help you!

Plane Simple Golf


Introducing the Simple Swing RepeaterTM developed by Plane Simple Golf. We have designed this training brace specifically to enhance the Plane Simple Golf Swing Program.

The Simple Swing Repeater TM is designed to assist the golfer in maintaining and developing the proper positioning of the lead wrist and the angle formed between this wrist and the shaft of the club at address throughout the golf swing. This results into delivering the club back to the original address angle and square at impact. This is a key component of the Plane Simple Golf Swing. It is designed to be worn during practice, yet so comfortable that you can hit shots on the course while playing golf.



You will also receive our 4 Lesson DVD showing how to properly position your SSR Training Brace and lessons on Putting, Short Game, and Full Swing. We will show you how to develop your solid, repeatable golf swing.

Take advantage of our introductory offer by ordering yours today!

Keep in mind that when you receive your SSR – Right handed players
will wear the brace on their left hand – Left handed players will wear it on their right hand.

Don’t delay – orders are filling up fast – we have inventory in stock – Normal shipping arrival time is 4 to 6 weeks.

We use PayPal for our secure ordering system – Order your SSR now!




Light Up Your Game!

Repeatable, consistent and powerful golf swing

What if there was a golf training aid that could single-handedly eliminate the mistakes that destroy 99% of amateur golf swings and would finally lead to a repeatable, powerful and consistent golf swing? Would you want to try it?

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Need a way to dramatically improve your golf swing?

Why choose Game-inglove?

  • Finally groove a repeatable, consistent and powerful golf swing that will stand up under pressure and won’t let you down on the course
  • Eliminate the slice and start drawing the golf ball for power, accuracy and distance
  • Dramatically improve your short game, chipping, pitching and bunker play by learning how to correctly control the clubface through impact
  • Finally feel what it is like to swing like the Pros and understand, like never before, how to de-loft the club at impact, get forward shaft lean and start compressing the golf ball
  • Eliminate the mistakes that ruin 99% of amateur golf swings
  • Understand the connection between the golf glove hand and the clubface and, how to grip the club correctly, for maximum control and distance
  • Get real-time visual feedback and an understanding, like never before, how to gain effortless power and control over the golf ball
  • An affordable, efficient and compact all-encompassing training solution that will dramatically improve your game