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Kakadu Australia 100% Kangaroo Leather Golf Glove

Renowned for their lightweight strength, KAKADU Australia 100% Kangaroo Leather Gloves offer comfort and that competitive grip advantage we all look for.

Kakadu Australia has been manufacturing the ultimate golf glove for over 20 years. During this time, our gloves have gained a reputation around the world for being one of the thinnest, strongest, longest-lasting golf gloves available. What’s more, our gloves are renowned for offering exceptional grip and feel in all weather conditions.

The unique cross-grain construction of kangaroo leather allows it to be manufactured thinner than conventional glove leather. When compared with cabretta or synthetic leather, kangaroo leather has much higher tensile strength and increased wear-resistance. This means that Kakadu Australia 100% kangaroo leather gloves are lightweight, yet strong and offer exceptional grip and feel. For more info about the advantages of kangaroo leather click here.

Customers tell us they get up to four times more wear from KAKADU kangaroo leather golf gloves – with increased grip in dry conditions, and unparalleled grip in wet conditions.

When only the best will do, choose Kakadu Australia 100% kangaroo leather golf gloves.

Please note: Some manufacturers may use kangaroo leather on the palm of the glove but use inferior cabretta or synthetic leather for the rest of the glove. While this saves on production costs, it greatly reduces the strength and longevity of the entire glove. Here at Kakadu Australia, we only use 100% kangaroo leather in all of our gloves.

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Asher Gloves

Asher Gloves

Chuck - Royal BlueChuck - Caution OrangeEye CandySara "No-H" Brown Zebra

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In 2009 Asher Gloves was born with a commitment to providing the golf world with something it had lacked: a high quality glove with a little flavor and awesomeness that wasn’t just all white at a price that everyone could afford! Think back to the last time you walked into buy a new golf glove and stared at an entire wall of white gloves…how boring is that?? We want to provide gloves that you can wear to make a statement, or standout on the tee box. Not only that, but we have created a price-point so that you can have multiple gloves that you could rotate depending on what mood you were in that day without breaking the bank.

At Asher, we are committed to providing you with innovative, fun, high quality golf gloves, that not only look amazing, but feel even better. Your friends wont only be jealous of your game anymore, now they’ll be wishing they were wearing an Asher Glove too!

If you have any questions, or just wanna drop us a line, please don’t hesitate!


Asher Gloves