Bang Golf – The Super Bang-O-Matic Driver

The Super Bang-O-Matic Driver is the NEWEST offering for 2016 in the ever-popular Bang-O-Matic line up. This is one Mean Machine! A new proprietary face heat treatment produces faster transfer of energy to the ball and lower spin ratio. High MOI because of the unique weight ports in the right places. Internal weighting design to enhance mid/high trajectory to produce on-a-string point and shoot drives off the tee! Off center hits produce outstanding fairway hitting results. The sound is Loud and Proud. The SUPER Bang-O-Matic is quite simply: SUPER! “Longer than most anything out there by any company!” Retailers and Custom fitters call or email or 626 618 0303 for pricing on this product.


Golf Club Alert

Never Leave a Club behind again!!

Have you ever taken 2 or more golf clubs from your bag …

…maybe to the green…or maybe from a buggy to the fairway…

…..and then how often does one get left behind?

When you purchase ClubAlert, you get a Transmitter and access to a free smartphone APP. Each Transmitter protects a single golf club, and up to 14 can be monitored by the APP separately.

After unpacking the transmitter, and removing a battery protector, you use the APP to ‘pair’ to it. This ensures that only YOU get alerts for YOUR clubs, and not those of others.
After the learning process, each transmitter is pushed into the end of the golf club to be protected.

…each transmitter will fit snugly inside the club and will not affect your grip or swing…
Clubs should be carried as usual, (in a bag), and the phone kept in your bag, in your pocket, or clipped to your belt whilst playing. Switch the call ringer OFF on your ‘phone, but start the APP.
When a club is removed from the bag, the APP senses it, and monitors it’s distance.

If the club goes more than 35 – 40 metres away from the ‘phone, the APP will ‘realise’, wait for a few seconds, and then Vibrate or Sound – Alerting you!

When you get back in range the APP will ‘know’, and stop any alarm.

When the club is put back in the bag, it will tell the APP it is about to go into ‘sleep mode’, and then switch off.

If two or more protected clubs are taken from the bag, they will be monitored independently, and if any one of them is left behind, the Alert will occur.

Parsons Xtreme Golf



We started with a unique design. With the help of a world-renowned metals expert and utilizing an extremely complex manufacturing process, we integrated the most exotic, high-performance alloys. Then, we refined our design again and again with an intense focus on maximizing performance and feel.

Sound expensive? You bet. Worth it? Absolutely.

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The difference is noticeable.

Designed by golfers, engineers and dreamers with an unrelenting commitment to create the absolute finest golf equipment in the world. They feel better, out-perform other clubs, and inspire confidence with their sleek eye-catching design.

For the select few who have the means and the desire to play golf with the very best, PXG clubs will soon be available.

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Tracey knits

About Me

A few years ago I was bestowed the daunting task of choosing a present for my Mother in Law. She, like much of my family, is an avid golfer, and we had given her just about every golf accessory on the market in years past. Being an artist, I got to work on making her a much more personal item; one-of-a-kind golf club covers depicting her 3 grandchildren. That was the day Tracey Knits was born.

I, Tracey Rediker, make all of my golf club covers from design to knit, with my own hands. What does this mean for you? That every item is customizable! Want your initials or numbers embroidered in? Great, I can do that. Want your college mascot to join you on the green? You bet I can make that happen. I have knit custom items for The FedEx Cup, Baltimore Ravens, and Oklahoma State University.

When I am not knitting, I am a mother of 2 and wife of 1. I am a self-professed geek; lover of all things Star Wars and Monty Python. I am a city girl who lives and works on the Jersey Shore.

I am always happy to answer any questions about my work, so feel free to email me at Tracey {at} Traceyknits {dot} com. If you are a pro shop or retail golf store, I would be happy to fill larger orders at a wholesale price. However, since each item is made by hand, longer lead time is a must.

Tracey Rediker

Tracey Knits

Eatontown, NJ


Golf ClubSox

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Golf ClubSox


Hello, my name is Harriet Moss, the creator of ClubSox.

I love golf, but sometimes there are things about this sport that can be really frustrating. And I’m not talking bogies; I’m talking head covers.

I have lost count of the number of head covers I’ve lost over the years, either between the car and the clubhouse or between shots on the course. The covers I have received over the years were frankly just boring. They were designed to show off the manufacturer, not my personality or fashion style.

So instead of staying frustrated I decided to pair my experience as a knitwear designer to create my own set. Friends, family and even golfers I met while playing loved them so much, suddenly I was knitting head covers for them. And that’s how ClubSox was born.

Knitted in the USA with 100% wool crepe, ClubSox head covers are durable, easy to clean and they stay where they’re supposed to – on your clubs! Not only that, they are attractive, fun and add personality and fashion to your bag.

I invite you to check out my collection and let me know what you think. You can even customize your head covers with colors that fit your style.

Dress up your bag 1 club at a time.