I think everyone would Like to be able to design a wedge that helps golfers of all skill levels execute those troublesome around the green and mid length scoring shots. These shots are some of the most challenging in the game. I believe with TILLe we may have solved this part of the game for you.

So, why TILLe? Wedges have always been the most difficult to design as all the good ones look like all the other good ones on the market. The basic idea for TILLe came about many years ago when I was browsing through a book about the depression years in the 1930’s. There was a photograph of a farmer Tilling his field to plant his crop. Hence the name TILLe. I noticed as the horse dragged the Tilling device across the land the blades effortlessly slid, grooved and dug through the earthen field. This set into motion a possible design for a golf club that worked in a similar fashion for rough, sand, and tight lies. I really thought I would have had this design in production 20 years ago. But it wasn’t Tille’s time…… Until now!

My partners, Shawn and Russell Allan, have field tested the milled faced TILLe extensively with golfers of all skill levels and everyone was thrilled with the results! One 20+ handicapper even holed out from the sand. Something he had never done in all his years of playing. The unique grooves on the sole slides and glides through the rough and sand to pop the ball up and out with incredible results! TILLe comes in both RH and LH in 52* and 56*. We offer TILLe in KBS Tour Stainless Steel shafts in R, S and X Flex. In graphite we offer ALDILA NV shafts in Senior and Ladies (Plus R, S and X Flex) all with quality PURE grips. We also offer custom shaft lengths at no extra charge! You can depend on TILLe, she’ll save your game when you need her the most.


Steve Almo



Tracey knits

About Me

A few years ago I was bestowed the daunting task of choosing a present for my Mother in Law. She, like much of my family, is an avid golfer, and we had given her just about every golf accessory on the market in years past. Being an artist, I got to work on making her a much more personal item; one-of-a-kind golf club covers depicting her 3 grandchildren. That was the day Tracey Knits was born.

I, Tracey Rediker, make all of my golf club covers from design to knit, with my own hands. What does this mean for you? That every item is customizable! Want your initials or numbers embroidered in? Great, I can do that. Want your college mascot to join you on the green? You bet I can make that happen. I have knit custom items for The FedEx Cup, Baltimore Ravens, and Oklahoma State University.

When I am not knitting, I am a mother of 2 and wife of 1. I am a self-professed geek; lover of all things Star Wars and Monty Python. I am a city girl who lives and works on the Jersey Shore.

I am always happy to answer any questions about my work, so feel free to email me at Tracey {at} Traceyknits {dot} com. If you are a pro shop or retail golf store, I would be happy to fill larger orders at a wholesale price. However, since each item is made by hand, longer lead time is a must.

Tracey Rediker

Tracey Knits

Eatontown, NJ