Laser Putt

The most accurate putting aid in golf today!

What makes Laser Putt™  different from other putting aids?

Only Laser Putt offers two lasers and these three laser systems.

GREEN Laser Alignment System

The GREEN laser  alignment system shows you the precise line, shape, and balance of your putting stroke, so you can practice with pinpoint accuracy.

RED Laser Calibration System

The RED laser helps you gather personal data on the relationship between your backstroke and your putt distance. Use this data to develop “laser-perfect” feel for distance, pace, and speed.

Laser Visualization System

Visualization gives you powerful images of perfect putting strokes that you can store in your mind and later recall when facing a similar putt on the green.

Say “Goodbye!” to the yips ;and “Hello!” to Laser-it-in-the-Hole confidence!