Revolution Golf Tee

Revolution Golf Tee

DSC_3723aWelcome to, home of the Revolution Hybrid Magnetic Golf Tee™. We are very excited to bring to you the tee that is revolutionizing golfers games from the tee box! Robotically tested by Golf Laboratories in San Diego, California, and proven to add nearly 8 yards to your drive! Order yours today! Get Distance!™





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Standard 4 Pack
Standard 4 Pack

Revolution Golf Tee packages starting at $7.99! Click the image link to go straight to our ordering page!


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Tornado Tee

Tornado TeeTornado TeeTornado TeeTornado Tee

A Revolutionary Tee: Starting at $15.99

Tornado Tee is a unique, scientifically designed, high performance golf tee. The Tornado Tee looks like a conventional tee and that is where the similarity ends! The patent pending design of the Tornado Tee provides maximum energy transfer from the club head to the ball. The performance improvements provided by the Tornado Tee can be recognized by all players.

The Tornado Tee keys to performance are energy and friction management. Players work on increasing club head speed to increase energy imparted to the ball for greater distance. Anything that provides resistance to the club head, other than the ball, reduces the net velocity and the net energy transferred.

The scientifically designed crown offers little resistance to the driver head while greatly reducing static friction. The crown length is designed so the sole of the driver passes through the crown without impacting the durable, rigid bottom. All of that equals a durable tee that actually gives you more distance and straighter shots; you can use the same tee round after round!! No other tee does this like the Tornado Tee!

The Tornado Tee is perfect for drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons. Adjust the crown height instantly for the club you play. Why carry different tees for different shots when you can have one tee that does it all?

Through 3rd party field testing, the Tornado Tee has been proven to give you longer and straighter drives. TrackmanTM, the number one launch monitor, showed an average decrease in ball spin rate of 500 RPMs. Average increase in distance was 13.5 yards with an average improvement in center line dispersion by 9.5 yards.

The Tornado Tee is both USGA and R&A conforming. Proudly made in America!