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We started with a unique design. With the help of a world-renowned metals expert and utilizing an extremely complex manufacturing process, we integrated the most exotic, high-performance alloys. Then, we refined our design again and again with an intense focus on maximizing performance and feel.

Sound expensive? You bet. Worth it? Absolutely.

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The difference is noticeable.

Designed by golfers, engineers and dreamers with an unrelenting commitment to create the absolute finest golf equipment in the world. They feel better, out-perform other clubs, and inspire confidence with their sleek eye-catching design.

For the select few who have the means and the desire to play golf with the very best, PXG clubs will soon be available.

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Mutant Golf

The BRUTE by Mutant Golf

The BRUTE was built for distance. You could say that
is what’s in its DNA. However, distance without
accuracy won’t get you far (no pun intended). Many
state of the art technologies were incorporated into
The BRUTE to make it as friendly to hit, accuracy
wise as it is long.

The concept for The BRUTE spent 6 months in the
making. Another 2 months of testing prototypes and
here we are. One of the most explosive driver ever to
hit the market.

The BRUTE was designed by one of the longest
hitters on the planet. Perhaps the most unique part
of its design is that it translates into maximum
possibility for distance off the tee REGARDLESS of
age, swing speed, etc. Read on to find out why.



What makes The BRUTE stand out amongst its
peers? It starts with the highest grade of 15-3-3-3
forged titanium, one of the hardest strengths titanium

Why is the driver forged? Simple, the majority of
golfers report greater feel AND distance.
Independent studies have shown that forged drivers
have more strength and less distortion at impact
yielding greater energy transfer.

Strict tolerances are made possible by precision CNC
Milling of the face. This allows The BRUTE to exhibit
as rigid of a body as possible, while still maxing out at
a USGA legal .830 COR for maximum explosiveness
off the face at impact, and as high a ball speed as

The crown and sole plate of The BRUTE were also
reinforced with 15-3-3-3 forged titanium so that
maximum energy is applied to the ball, instead of
being lost through needless vibration and oscillation.

The BRUTE utilizes cup face technology. This
creates greater forgiveness in the head which has
shown to do two things. 1.) Longer mishits. 2.)
Remarkably improved accuracy.

The highest quality electroplating process gives The
BRUTE a durable finish that, let’s face it just looks
good, too.

Retail- $599.99
The BRUTE: Specs
  • Made of 15-3-3-3 Forged Titanium
  • Reinforced for maximum energy transfer
  • CNC Precision Milled Face
  • USGA maximum allowed .830 COR
  • Cup face technology for greater ball speed
    and forgiveness
  • Internal weighting creates a high MOI for
    greater accuracy
  • High quality electroplating & laser engraving
  • 460cc deep face (199 grams)
  • RH-Lofts: 3, 4, 5.5, 7.5, 9 & 10.5 degrees
  • Shaft Flex- R, S & X (75 grams)
CT-3000 by Mutant Golf
  • High-Modulus Graphite
  • Shaft kick-points tailored to swing speed for
    optimum ball flight
  • Shaft Flex- R, S & X (75 grams)
The CT-3000 is Mutant Golf’s proprietary high-end
shaft. It is the third generation of the Core Trajectory
shaft, and is made of the highest quality graphite. Its
high energy combined with its multiple spines create
a shaft that is as accurate as it is long.

The shaft exhibits different kick points dependent on
the shafts flex to promote the optimum trajectory. The
regular flex has a low-kick, the stiff has a mid-kick
and the extra-stiff has a high kick.


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Fourteen Golf


Our Mission

During a tournament, each golfer is permitted to carry 14 clubs in their bag, carefully selecting those clubs that give them the best chance to have success on the course. Everything we do at Fourteen Golf is built around that reality. We strive to meet one fundamental principle—to equip golfers with the best 14 clubs possible.

Established in 1981 by one of the leading golf club designers in Japan, Fourteen Golf has pushed the limits of club design to make the game more accessible and easy for golfers at all levels. We’ve long been committed to providing golfers with the best clubs they’ll ever use and all the clubs they’ll ever need.

This commitment extends from weekend amateurs to the highest ranks on professional tours. Golfers of all skill levels know that Fourteen offers a line of clubs that can enhance performance and improve their shotmaking.

Our Logo

Our goal is to produce equipment that allows all golfers to swing easily at the ball, without having to make any modifications. This freedom to swing at the ball with ease and lightness reflects the gracefulness of a bird and provides the inspiration for Fourteen’s iconic feather logo.

Our Story

Fourteen began as a golf club design firm, working with various golf club manufacturers to design and introduce a number of high quality clubs to the market. In 1987, Scott Simpson won the US Open with a set of SX-25 irons, which were designed by Fourteen.

The next year, we unveiled what is commonly called the Tarako Iron, which was a prototype of today’s hybrid irons. In 1989, our Momentum irons proved to be another success, drastically improving ball striking and distance, thanks to  an angled center of gravity (CG).

In 2002, Fourteen was officially launched as a brand, drawing from the experiences gained as a club design firm. We quickly caught the attention of the golf world as Ernie Els won The Open Championship that year using Fourteen HI-858 irons.

Nowadays, back-spin wedge shots are commonplace on the professional tours, but it was Fourteen’s original MT-28 wedge that made such kind of shot a reality for common golfers. Combining this spin capability with a high level of control and stability, MT-28 wedges have earned their place in golfers’ bags, from the best pros to everyday players.

Throughout its history, Fourteen has been recognized as a worldwide leader in wedge design and has earned a reputation for producing some of the most classically designed, tour inspired, forged irons in the world.




Starting at: $499.99

Krank Golf® Formula 5 Driver – Taking it to the next level.

Krank Golf® is proud to announce the launch of the highest performing golf driver in the world. The New Formula 5 Driver is the latest creation by Krank Golf®, the world’s leader in high performing USGA legal golf drivers. This new driver encompasses everything Krank Golf® has learned over the past 10 years in golf driver design.


  • Maximum Energy Transfer Technology : This Exclusive Krank Golf® technology stores the energy created at impact more forward in the driver head and release the energy back to the ball more efficiently than any driver made today.
  • Maximum Rigidity : Krank Golf® has designed this driver to resist bowing and deforming at impact. Thus, diminishing the loss of energy created at impact through the deformation of the driver head itself.
  • Maximum Metal Hardness : Krank Golf® is at the forefront of metal technology. Maximizing metal hardness is key to performance. Krank Golf® Drivers exceed all other manufactures in metal hardness technology.
  • Toe and Heel Adjustable Weighting : This New Driver can be played from 194 Grams to 208 Grams. This weighting system allows every golfer to dial in the best possible head weight needed for their swing. 5, 6, and 7.5 degree lofts have no weights in them. So can we put on the site when ordered, stating these lofts do not require the Weight Kits.
  • 100% Forged Driver : Krank Golf® only builds 100% Forged Drivers. This is one of the most important aspects of all Krank Golf® Drivers and one of the reasons Krank Golf® completely dominates the world of distance hitting with 13 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships. There is no comparison to hitting 100% Forged driver heads over a cast driver heads, even with insert faces. The forging process creates more ball speed, less spin and far better durability.
  • Handmade : All Krank Golf® Drivers are handmade. This insures constancy and performance with every driver sold. We are not part of some large assembly line manufacturing process.

Krank Golf® is committed to finding the furthest possible edge of Driver performance. The New Krank Golf® Formula 5 Driver is the best of the best and will continue to completely dominate the world of distance hitting. Maximize your game, your distance and your score. Welcome to the world of Krank Golf®!