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About Just Swing Golf

Just Swing Golf is an honest brand that is dedicated to help all golfers be comfortable while playing. We sell fitted, comfortable golf clothing that is beneficial to all skill level players.

Our company is based out of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Our online store started running in 2016.


Contact Info:

Email: Justswinggolf@hotmail.com




The Golf Shanty Shirt

We launched our first shirt design!

Ok, so I am more than a little excited about this one. This site has always been a hobby of mine, a way for me to help introduce lesser known golf companies to people who normally wouldn’t have ever heard of these products or sites. It has never been an income source since I offer every company free advertisement. Well things are about the change, yes is still going to be free but I am now going to attempt to add a review page to this blog. I wont be asking for free product because every hack writer and their mom calls these companies wanting handouts because somehow their half-assed blog review is gonna be a big deal for companies ( They get hundreds of these emails, trust me I was one of these companies and I hated these calls and emails) Instead I’m going to buy the products and then sell them after, maybe even do a giveaway.

To get started we have to get some funds rolling  so we have created The Golf Shanty shirt. It is offered and printed through Amazon so the quality is guaranteed. So Follow the link and let’s gets this bad boy started!

P.S. I will not be reviewing big brands, you can find hundreds of those already and I don’t care about those companies so don’t ask me to review the new Callaway driver or Nike wedge because it’s not gonna happen.


58 Apparel

58 Apparel


58 Apparel Ultra Fiber Air Mesh Flex Fit Hat

We created Fifty Eight to bring a new look and focus to the non-traditional golfer. At Fifty Eight, we know there are tons of people out there who do not want to wear silly pink floral pants or “grandpa” looking golf clothes. We blend hi-performance fabrics with an aggressive design to bring a new look for on and off the course. All Fifty Eight polo’s are made with our “Breathe-Core” 100% polyester moisture wicking fabric for a better feel and fit for your game. If you are a real golf fan like us, you know that the lowest recorded score on the PGA tour is a 59. We chose Fifty Eight as our moniker because to us that is the ultimate round of golf. We have combined the technology and the style to meet the needs of the professional, the hack, and the casual golfer. Grab one of our new polo’s today!

The Classic Collection-Blue/Black/GrayThe Standard Collection-Red/BlackThe Tour Collection-Green/Black

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VSN Golf


About Us

VSN golf company is a clothing and lifestyle brand inspired by golf. We strive to bring a new image to a classic game. Golf is a game that requires mental toughness, creativity, and a vision. See the shot. Be the shot. Hit the shot. Golf on…..VSN golf company 

VSN is proud to announce Blake Bradley as the first member of the VSN golf team. Follow him on Instagram @BlakeBradley59

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Skramble Clothing

Special offers from Skramble Clothing


About Us

Skramble clothing is everything you have wanted out a golf company and more. Skramble is not something you are going to catch your grandfather wearing when you both tee off during your next family outing nor is it going to burn a hole in your pocket just for some exclusivety.
What Skramble is going to do is allow you to be the flyest golfer on any given course without having to spend all of your cash on an overpriced garment. And lets be honest, golf is not the only thing you will do throughout your life, even if you were a tour player. So we have designed clothes for all of those situations too!
Not afraid to push the boundries of what a golfer should look like while maintaining a love and respect for the game.


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Routine Golf Gear

Routine Golf Gear

Black And Greenpolo 1trucker3


About Us

Routine golf gear was founded out of Scottsdale Arizona in 2013, with the concept of having apparel that you can wear on and off the golf course, that is casual but unique and colorful. Golf has always put out the image of being serious with its black and white fashion, and set designs. We are here to create apparel and accessories that will inspire the golfer within and finally make people see golf in a more exciting, fun and colorful light. Our company will have fresh new designs for men and women that allow you to chose to rock it daily with our t-shirts, tank tops and hats. Our future lines will include anything from golf polos, shorts, ball markers, hat clips and towels to enjoy on the course as well.

RoutineGolfGear moved its operation over to one of the other golf meca cities in September of 2013. We are now located in North San Diego in Escondido. Feel free to stop by our office to purchase any gear. Give us a call to make sure someone will be at the office.

To be good at anything in life requires practice, that is our philosophy. With that in mind most golfers make their rounds part of their routine. The more time you dedicate to it, the more enjoyable your overall golf experience will be. Our company is inspired by the routine of golf but is here to provide a fresh new spin on the way it is portrayed.

Thanks for all the support from the RGG family, hope you enjoy our gear!

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Mulligan Gear


Our iconic, Scally Caps are handcrafted in the USA, have a rugged but distinguished look and can be worn with either your finest suits or most worn out jeans. Our solid color choices of black, brown and charcoal lend themselves to be worn whether dressed up or down. Recently, we’ve added brown and green plaids as well as a classic gray herringbone cap. These hats are 100% Wool or Wool Melton, have an elastic sweat band with a sewn-down visor. Of course they are embroidered with our Mulligan man logo that represents do-overs and second chances on the golf course, at work or during any endeavor. At Mulligan Gear we believe everyone deserves a Mulligan –


American Driver’s Scally CapMen’s Performance Plus Jersey PoloWomen’s Performance Plus Jersey Polo