Our Misson

When you walk into a golf store there are a few names you see everywhere, but there are hundreds of names you will never see. It’s those companies that I want to bring to the light. From Golf tees to Golf clubs I will post anything and everything golf related. Just because you can’t find these product in stores doesn’t mean they are inferior, to be honest most of the smaller companies can be better than the majors (my opinion from testing).

I don’t review products or collect money from any company this is something I do on my free time. I allow each company to send me info about them and their products and then I copy and past it to the blog, or I just copy info straight from their websites for your enjoyment. If you know of a small golf related company that needs exposure please email me and I will contact them and post their links and info.  I am open to comments and suggestions to help make this site the best it can be.

If you are a company looking to be featured on our blog please email us at TheGolfShanty@yahoo.com send us a few pictures and your product or company bio and we will be happy to post it free of charge!



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