Goodie Girl Golf


Created by a Lady Golfer for Lady Golfers

Ten year old junior golfer Hannah Dupay has been living in Boise, Idaho for the past five years. She started playing competitive golf in 2011, coached by teaching professional Erica Haney. She excelled in the game of golf, playing in local tournaments, and qualified for the Idaho Golf Association’s State Championship her first two years. As the 2013 golf season was coming to an end, Hannah was frustrated by the fact that she was always losing her ball markers. Hats and visors are not part of her wardrobe and putting her ball markers in her pocket made them difficult to get to when needed and easy to lose. She was also tired of the bland look that was associated with golf, but more particularly women’s golf. Hannah decided she wanted a fashionable yet functional alternative to what was currently on the market. That is when she created Goodie Girl Golf LLC. Goodie Girl Golf manufactures and sells the first line of golf ball marker hair accessories. Each hair accessory has a golf ball marker that is easily removed when it is time to mark your ball, but secure enough to keep it from getting lost, bringing a little bit of style and a whole lot of convenience to the lady golfer.


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