Talamonti LS-70 (Green), HL-70 (Orange), Light-55 (Blue), and HTS Hybrid Series (Magenta)




Designed for Performance.Advanced Computer Aided Design allows us to specially construct our internally manufactured pre-preg material in a way that maximizes each shaft design and produces the specific attributes and performance characteristics we seek to create in our shafts.
Feel. Distance. Control.Our proprietary T-15 resin possesses unique vibration dampening properties that produce improved “feel” in all our shafts. Our exclusive T-15 helps in allowing power and energy to be fully transferred to the shaft and permits maximum release of that power through impact. T-15 is part of what makes Talamonti Shafts some of the smoothest “loading” and “unloading” shafts in the business.
Painstakingly Engineered and ManufacturedAll Talamonti Shafts are engineered with specific players and their respective performance needs in mind. This image shows our HTS Hybrid Series Shafts. Whether 70 gram, 85 gram, or 100 gram, each weight and flex has been engineered and manufactured to follow a unique “Parallel EI Profile” designed for this particular model and it’s predetermined performance characteristics throughout the shafts’ length. From tip to butt, each shaft in the model exhibits a similar bend profile – with intentional adjustments by weight and flex. As the HTS model moves up in weight and flex, the stiffer its EI Profile becomes, ensuring that players fitting into the various weights and flexes are playing a shaft that conforms to the original design, while producing the exact performance results demanded of that player.


Next, a specific EI Channel is created for each weight and each flex within a model reflecting the USL (upper stiffness limit) and LSL (lower stiffness limit) that each shaft is expected to fall within at various points along the shaft’s length during manufacturing. Here, seven Light-55 shafts can be seen in regular flex in both their raw and cosmetic states (and obviously, exhibiting a much different bend profile than the HTS Series Hybrids pictured above) from mid-section to butt and their position within the unique EI Channel. As you can see, manufacturing consistency is an important part of our process and resides in the very DNA of every shaft we sell.


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