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LaGila Golf Wipes As Premiered at the 2014 PGA MERCHANDISE SHOW


LaGila Sports recognizes the multitude of conditions which affect every golfer’s game. We can’t change the weather or remove a sand trap. But we can help you improve your accuracy and distance. LaGila Golf Wipes help keep your game at its best…when and where you need it…during your round.

LaGila Golf Wipes were designed by golfers for golfers. LaGila Golf Wipes are created from our unique double-sided cloth: smooth and soft to assure safe cleaning of debris and stains from your favorite golf ball and textured for deeper cleaning and effectiveness on your club faces.

Each LaGila Golf Wipe is pre-treated with our formulated cleaning solution. In combination, there is no more convenient or effective means to maintain your game throughout your round.


  • Unique double sided cloth – Strong – Durable and Lightweight
  • Soft on one side for surface cleaning
  • Textured on the other side for deep cleaning
  • Maximum Cleaning efficiency – Stays moist longer for Multiple Use
  • Skin Safe Formula


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