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About Us


Golf has been a huge part of our family for as long as I can remember. From junior golf to college golf as well as the professional level, the three generations of Steve Hopkins have an enormous passion for what I believe to be the greatest game in the world. As the second generation “Steve” and the founder of the company, my 25 years of  design and product marketing experience are here to promote our customers. We look to find unique and incredibly creative ways to bring your ideas into a golf masterpiece.


Our mission at UFO Tour Golf is to give you unparalleled visual promotion by using only the finest golf products in the world. Just as with our friends that we have made over the years, we believe in building relationships. We look forward to building our next relationship with you.

Three Steves

Why UFO?


When going through a brand to add your logo or personalization to their products, you are at the deposal of being just that, an addition to “their” branding. We believe when we deliver a product it should be about you, not us. To that end, we can remain virtually unidentified while creating a visual masterpiece for you. We like to say that we help you “get identified!”


To bring this product to the United States market, UFO Tour Golf has partnered with Jstewart Golf to offer creative, custom, quality golf products for corporate marketing, tour, club and teaching professionals, golf teams or simply individuals, who want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. We provide you the unique ability to make you just one bag at an affordable price!



Whether we deliver one bag to an individual or 1000 bags to a brand or corporate sponsor, we share a commitment to unparalleled quality, value and service. These ideals bring fun and exciting products to golfers everywhere!


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