Mantis Golf

Mantis Golf:

Starting at $159.99

the story

we all agree that to make more putts, it’s critical to keep your eye on the ball, yet the elaborate shapes, reflective metal or white finishes of most putters encourage the opposite.

Mantis makes the ball the hero – simple as that. The patented design has been proven to show that when putting with the Mantis, your eyes stay on the ball, not the club.

the problem

we all agree you have to watch the ball, but most putters steal the spotlight. They often have elaborate shapes, bold design elements or stark white finishes. All of these fight the ball for attention. The putter is part of the show, but the ball is the hero.

Too Dark
Too Light
Too Shiny
Just right

the solution

The design elements of the Mantis putter combine to instill confidence, facilitating a golfer’s ability to watch the ball, not the putter – leading to greater focus, concentration and putting results. The organic design of the Mantis eliminates distracting severe geometry, and the putter’s muted green turf-like color allows its exterior to blend with the putting surface. The high MOI (moment of inertia) of the Mantis means it will twist less on a mis-hit, thus minimizing the effects of a mis-hit as the ball tracks toward the hole. The face-balanced design provides a quality of solid balance, and the soft polymer face and optimized head weight feel perfect.

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