Fourteen Golf


Our Mission

During a tournament, each golfer is permitted to carry 14 clubs in their bag, carefully selecting those clubs that give them the best chance to have success on the course. Everything we do at Fourteen Golf is built around that reality. We strive to meet one fundamental principle—to equip golfers with the best 14 clubs possible.

Established in 1981 by one of the leading golf club designers in Japan, Fourteen Golf has pushed the limits of club design to make the game more accessible and easy for golfers at all levels. We’ve long been committed to providing golfers with the best clubs they’ll ever use and all the clubs they’ll ever need.

This commitment extends from weekend amateurs to the highest ranks on professional tours. Golfers of all skill levels know that Fourteen offers a line of clubs that can enhance performance and improve their shotmaking.

Our Logo

Our goal is to produce equipment that allows all golfers to swing easily at the ball, without having to make any modifications. This freedom to swing at the ball with ease and lightness reflects the gracefulness of a bird and provides the inspiration for Fourteen’s iconic feather logo.

Our Story

Fourteen began as a golf club design firm, working with various golf club manufacturers to design and introduce a number of high quality clubs to the market. In 1987, Scott Simpson won the US Open with a set of SX-25 irons, which were designed by Fourteen.

The next year, we unveiled what is commonly called the Tarako Iron, which was a prototype of today’s hybrid irons. In 1989, our Momentum irons proved to be another success, drastically improving ball striking and distance, thanks to  an angled center of gravity (CG).

In 2002, Fourteen was officially launched as a brand, drawing from the experiences gained as a club design firm. We quickly caught the attention of the golf world as Ernie Els won The Open Championship that year using Fourteen HI-858 irons.

Nowadays, back-spin wedge shots are commonplace on the professional tours, but it was Fourteen’s original MT-28 wedge that made such kind of shot a reality for common golfers. Combining this spin capability with a high level of control and stability, MT-28 wedges have earned their place in golfers’ bags, from the best pros to everyday players.

Throughout its history, Fourteen has been recognized as a worldwide leader in wedge design and has earned a reputation for producing some of the most classically designed, tour inspired, forged irons in the world.


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