We are 3 Up Golf


Rob Zimmerman – President

     Rob Zimmerman is the founder of 3 Up Golf. In case it wasn’t already obvious: he’s absolutely crazy about the game of golf. Rob is married to his college sweetheart, Danielle, and together they have two children who are both shaping up to be quite the little golfers themselves.

     In April of 2012, Rob suffered a mild heart attack from a severe arterial blockage. With a new lease on life, Rob wanted to give back to others via charity and help grow the game that has given him so much joy. It wasn’t too much longer after that Rob and Danielle decided to start 3 Up Golf.


 Starting at $ 12.00

The 2S14 is a 2-piece golf ball unlike any other. 

Its amazing Deep-Soft core gives players with moderate swing speeds the feel and spin rates of a 3 piece “tour” ball. As if feel and performance aren’t enough, $3 of your purchase goes directly to a golf related charity.


The 3F12 is a premium 3-piece golf ball that’s built for the amateur golfer who doesn’t want to compromise distance or feel. We started from the putting green and worked our way backwards to the tee to create this amazing feeling ball. As if feel and performance aren’t enough, we donate $3 to a golf related charity for every dozen sold.


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