About Sinister Golf

Sinister Golf began like most companies and products do, with an idea. An Idea to create not only a brand but also a movement in a small yet powerful community. Sinister golf brings a creative and sexy style to the world of golf with designs that will stand up to the hard hitting power of Professional Long Drivers and award the forgiveness and distance the everyday golfer demands. We at Sinister Golf pride ourselves on the quality of our products and will continue to provide amazing new designs for years to come.

Agent Orange Golf Head with Headcover

Quick Overview

From the moment you step up to the tee Agent Orange screams confidence. Anyone can design a driver, but making sure that every aspect of the driver works together for one purpose is what separates good from superior equipment. By using the drivers shape and design I was able to strategically place the weight where it would be most useful in providing a straight and penetrating ball flight.
sg3 sg2
 Starting at $145.95

Head Specs:

Right hand only
5,6, 7.5, 9, 10.5 and 12 degree lofts. +/- Mostly half degree.(4 and 5 degree hand picked only)
.335 Hosel
Volume: 460cc
Lie Angle 59* +1/-1 (Mostly +1/2 -1/2)
Face Height: 60mm
Weight: 198g +/-
Material: Top Secret

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