Low Tide

In the spring of 2012 while on the golf course, we had the idea to design our own custom putters. We knew that there are a several products out there, but we wanted something more personal. Something which could not be purchased off the rack at your local golf store. Something that you would want to pass down to your family. Something that had meaning behind every putt that you hit. Fortunately for the two of us, we had the knowhow and the resources to make it happen. Between the two of us, we have over 10 years of design experience and another 12 years of machining and CAD experience. We decided to come up with a plan to make our vision become a reality.

We met several times (on and off the golf course) to discuss what we liked and what we didn’t about what was currently available in the market. We sketched out some ideas on paper and created 3D models of what the finished products could potentially look like. After countless hours of sketching and molding, and even more time programing and drawing in CAD, we decided to take our designs to the workshop.

Our goal was simple, yet precise: we wanted to make custom putters that looked good and felt amazing. When it comes to design, we believe that less is more and the least amount of disruption and visual noise the better. We wanted the lines to flow and the alignment to form a clear path from the back of the putter head, straight into the top line of the putter and right through the ball to the hole.

On a foggy Carolina Friday night in early August (after our day jobs), we went home for a quick dinner with our families, put the kids to bed and arrived at the workshop around 9pm. It was time to go to work. After about 9 hours of milling, grinding, calculating, sanding, drinking numerous cups of coffee, blasting, reviewing, troubleshooting, and more coffee we both had reached our limit for the night. We left the workshop around 6am with the sun rising in the distance to go back to our homes and get some rest. We both caught quick naps but were soon texting back and forth, figuring out how to convince our wives to let us go back to the shop and finish what we had started. The process of seeing a sketch start on paper, be molded by hand, transferred to a computer, and finally holding the finished working putter in our hands was a feeling that we will never forget. It truly was magical.

On behalf of both of us, I’d like to thank our beautiful wives and our families for not thinking (or at least telling us that) we were completely crazy for doing this. If you’re interested in our putters we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line or give us a call.


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